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Everyone Compliance Trained

With modern efficiencies and intuitive online learning tools, backed by a library of editable compliance training and tests.
See how to promote your culture and scale up, using existing training material.

    Starting with a library of off-the-shelf training and assessments.
    Add in-house procedures and policies.
    Get some of your time back with automation.
    Track learning using easy to use online tools.

Balancing training with business activity

Ensuring consistent training for everyone with the minimum disruption and repetition is tough, especial when so much of what you are working with is changing.

Traditional Work Focused Approach

In a traditional training environment, expertise is focused on helping staff to understand best practice.

    Instructors repeat standard training as new people or recruited and others promoted.
    Attendance is required at the same time as an instructor.
    Training consistency is low due to session absences.
    Training and work delayed while class members gather and disperse.

Regular small class training (toolbox talks) increase training levels but they are difficult to manage.

    Tracking learning is tough as people take on new roles.
    Getting time to look at improvements is difficult.
    Training recorded by session attendance, rather than learning.

Outcome: Training is frustrating and stagnates over time.

Modern Future Focused Approach

In a modern training environment, experts are focused on improving programmes and processes.

    In-house orientations, policies, culture and SOPs are delivered in automated inductions and refreshers.
    Instructors deliver vital skills and assessments in person.
    Mobile training when any one person has a spare minute.
    Theory delivered and assessed online, with individual remediation.

Your in-house expertise is focused on the vital training and skills assessments.

    Job role learning activity tracked with online tools.
    Training programmes monitored and improve over time.
    Reports demostrate compliance to auditors and managment.

Outcome: Company effectiveness and agility improve.

This mobile-friendly approach to employee skill advancement is as simple to use as social media, offering minimal business disruption and allowing you to direct your expertise towards driving higher business value.

Trainer Experience
Spend more time improving your training programmes.
Free up time and headspace with automation of inductions, refreshers and repetitive training.
Getting Training Online
Trainee Experience: As easy to use as a streaming service
Branded trainee experience
Intuitive online learning tools backed by a library of editable compliance training using your company logo.
The Trainee Experience
Charts And Reports for monitoring and auditing
Instant reporting for management & auditors
Demonstrate your training levels to auditors. Monitor and improve the quality of training programmes.
Learning Management

Job And Facility Specific training

Leverage your in-house expertise and training materials, as well as some off-the-shelf training presentations in your library, and tell them exactly what they need to know to do the job and meet the company's compliance requirements.

Assign training, avoid duplication, and stay on top of things so you can demonstrate compliance.

Reduce the time spent on repetitive training and invest it in improvement.

Automated reporting

Incorporate training activity into your PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) approach by monitoring its effectiveness, assessing learning outcomes, and generating comprehensive reports for both management review and audits.

The Cetsco platform helps you to deliver compliance training to ensure that employees are aware of company policies, codes of conduct, and legal requirements so as to prevent compliance issues. You can use the tools from recruitment, through induction, career planning, promotion and beyond.

Your recruits can be trained even before they start work, so common injuries from manual handling, slips, trips and falls are kept to an absolute minimum. You can demonstrate that you are doing everything practicable with automated reports.

Your brand everywhere

Deliver training to mobile devices, in a way that is as easy to use as streaming services.

Your logo is displayed on each training screen, certificate, so it is clear that you are the one providing the training.

Each trainee receives a company certificate for each training achievement, that expires on the company's schedule. A printed certificate can be validated using a QR code.

A sample certificate with QR code
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In-house expertise supported by a library of presentations

Choose the topics you need to cover for each job from a library of presentations and assessments.

Mix these topics with your in-house training to create a training channel for each job.

Read more about the library

Automate from recruitment

Use automation to turn recruits into independent competent staff.

1. Post a job to your web site.

2. Allow candidates to submit their CV and details to you.

3. Select new recruits from the candidates who apply to a job role.

4. Store candidates until the right time (e.g. seasonal work, premises opening).

5. Automatically enrol recruits in induction training to meet the needs of their new role.

This way recruits create their own profile and once approved can begin training remotely, before they arrive to your premises.

Screenshot of jobs in recruitment
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Know That You Are 'Covered' And Improving

Dashboards allow you to monitor training activity and improve your training programmes.

Ensure all staff and contractors are accounted every week.

Reports provide auditors with proof of compliance.

Simple graphs on a dashboard
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