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Train your workforce for compliance and reduce your time spent in toolbox talks.

Training to fit people

Delivering their training to their mobile devices and let them view, interact or just listen to the training you know they need.

Screenshot of the trainee experience

Use automation and standardise

Select their job role, responsibilities and then let the automation take over.

Screenshot of some training dashboard charts

Starting with a growing online training library

Including topics from areas like:

  • Data Protection and Cybersecurity
  • Health and safety
  • Human Resource Management
  • Add your SOPs
Training on different devices

Be agile and move up with change

Start with a mix of the library and what information you have.

Improve the training using your PDCA approach.

Add your job specific training

You control what topics are covered for each job role.

Add in your own documents and questions to ensure your company's needs are being met.

  • It's under your control
  • No technology worries
  • No vendors needed
  • Combine information sources

The process is so fast, you can afford to throw it away and start again!

Get started

Whether this is your first online programme, or you have a legacy system to migrate from we will get you up and running.

Customer success

Once we have shown you through everything, you will be able to get your knowledge out to your colleagues using the new tools in your kitbag.

Customer success will work with you through the entire roll out:

  • Branding your channel
  • Converting your training material
  • Creating topic questions and tests
  • Building courses for job roles
  • Uploading existing SCORM or AICC courses
  • Planning and migrating data from existing systems
  • How best to use the tools in your business
  • Help analysing training needs for your job roles
  • Help with migrating data from existing systems
  • Employees names and their job roles

Our Guarantee

We will stay with you during a pilot training programme.

Customer success will be with you until you feel confident everything is ready and working for you.

Start getting training that you have created out to your colleagues today.

Our experts have worked on learning projects across a variety of industries to deliver software production, consultation and project management.

McDonalds University
Eaton College
Bank Of America
Citi Bank EMEA
EHS training does not have to be "a bit up and down". Now ours runs like clockwork. Thanks.
Health and safety training programme - retail
Developing compliance eLearning is hard to do right first time, the supervisor app lets me tweak the training so it really is what I need.
Compliance programme renewal - Learning Platform
I have been training people for years but you guys really know how to make it work.
Health and safety induction - Manufacturing Facility