If you had your own channel for training colleagues, what would you put on it?

Every company needs some general regulatory training

  • Standard Human Resource
  • General Health and safety
  • Staff security
  • Data protection / GDPR

The list is long when you concirder all th edifferent ways the regulations could be covered. And what kinds of jobs.

All the standard things that every company needs to be concerned with must be covered.

And standard risks for their industry

  • General Warehouse hazards
  • Information security
  • Good Manufacturing Process
  • Import/Export Licensing
  • Refrigerated Storage
  • Pallet Rack inspections

Each company has it's own combination of industry risks.

Financial institutions might also need things like code of ethics and anti-money laundering training to comply with the regulartions of their industry.

Just like the general regularory training standard industry training is the same for every company.

This means you could deliver everything so far with off-the-shelf training. But there is more...

Training on different devices

There is more to be added to your training channel

Non-general training is often handed by providing face to face training in-house with an internal or external training.

Face to face training is flexible for delivery, but is there is a good deal of wasted time and it is repetitive for the trainer.

To create online learning you have to at least customise off-the-shelf training, but better still is when you have an expert who can capture the training and tailor it to the audience the way a trainer would.

So how much training is not general?

Quite a lot!

Company specific training:

  • Employee handbook
  • Procedures - SOPs
  • Facility Hazards

There is also a job specific, such as:

  • First Aider
  • Fire Warden
  • Warehouse Operative
  • Office worker

Finally there is the behavioural training that keeps training fresh:

  • Tool talks
  • Fire drills
  • Reminders
  • Annual refreshers

Mix and match

Keeping on top of this by taking the best of your expertise and mixing it with appropriayte off-the-shelf training.

Let us show you how...

Read more about deploying your in-house expertise

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