About Us

Cetsco delivers automated online compliance training programmes to your employees.

Cetsco was founded in Dublin (Ireland) out of the frustration that many compliance training solutions are too expensive, difficult to maintain, and takes up too much of employees' time. Most of that time is taken up with onboarding and software that is slow to use. Often created by product designers who are educators rather than software specialists.

The problem we solve

Companies do not have the time to set up and manage a complicated learning management system, and then supporting it with the IT department. Then having to hire a design company to build induction courses for each job role even when much of the topics overlap. Needing to maintain all of that as the company grows, changes processes and re-organises.

We aim to get you most of the way to your training goals and allow you to easily change as business changes and your company grows.

What we do

We train your employees using micro-Learning backed by experienced trainers in a system that is as easy to use as a television streaming service. We do this on an ongoing basis using the latest automation techniques to ensure companies can focus on growing their business.


You can reduce the effort in maintaining courses using micro-learning. This is because each skill is independent of others. This stops you from having to update a topic in multiple courses built for different people. One change, in one place updates all courses.

Personalised learning paths

Each person is unique and requires training delivered in a way that allows them to learn at their best. Their needs will change depending on the work they have done and what role they are taking on, and having a malleable programme means you are better able to support staff whether they are new starts, job-sharers, temporary, promoted, transferred or working remotely.

Nuggets of snappy learning

We provide an automated way for your company to upskill employees with short bursts of independent training that can easily be taken by employees on a short commute to work. We use data-driven assessment to target individual training needs, automate refresher training. And with our training if there is overlap between training courses, there is no need to retake the duplicate material.

Why we do this

Time to competence is greatly reduced with our proprietary needs-analysis assessment system and training sessions that are as quick to take as reading a social media post on the way to work.

This process makes administration easier with less delay in achieving training requirements, with reduced average training time and fewer postponed training sessions. Using our method, we track completions rather than just bookmarking where trainees left off. Most importantly your employees can see themselves making progress, meeting real learning goals and the company maintains demonstrable high compliance levels.