Open up your expertise fast!

The Cetsco onboarding process ensures you're up and running in no time.

Whether it's your first online programme or migrating from an older system, you'll master the tools and achieve the results you want faster than you think.

Cetsco Onboarding

Once we have shown you through everything, you can use the new tools in your kitbag to easily share your knowledge with colleagues.

The customer success team will accompany you throughout the entire roll out:

  • Branding your channel
  • Converting your training material
  • Creating topic questions and tests
  • Building courses for job roles
  • Uploading existing SCORM or AICC courses
  • A plan to migrate data from existing systems
  • How collagues train
  • Pilot programmes
  • Employees names and their job roles
  • How to use the tools in the best way for your business

And we will stay with you until you feel confident everything is ready and working.

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Website Careers Integration

If you would like to publish your job opportunities on your website and start a recruiting and induction process, we will work with your website developer to integrate your recruiting and induction process seamlessly with Cetsco.

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You Do not need consultancy

This is not a Jedi mind trick. This Does not require a history of dealing with IT.

Have you written documentation in Microsoft Word and posted on Facebook? Then, you've got this.

However, if you just Do not have the time or head space, we can onboard someone in your organisation or provide services to get you going without delay.

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eLearning too expensive?

Large setup costs. Hiring and manging projects. Falls out of date. Have to start again from scratch.

Not any more: Drag and drop your documents, have them automatically transformed. Associate them with job roles and you are ready. When that part of the training falls out of date, throw away the old and upload the new. Everything old and new is tracked, so you can demonstrate compliance at any time.

Free with your subscription

We will migrate you and get you going as part of the service:

  • Help with migrating data from existing systems
  • Define reports that suit your business
  • Work with your website designer to integrate your careers page
  • An automated step by step trainee guide for the training service
  • Help analysing training needs for your job roles
  • Provide a getting started pamphlet for inductions

Start getting the training that you have created out to your colleagues today.