Your Training Channel

Deliver your compliance training directly to mobile devices while building your compliance culture using a solid online induction programme. Then drip feed bite-sized training topics at any time.

Read about the trainee experience
A picture of a trainees screen
If you had your own channel for training your colleagues, what training would you put on it?

Solid Induction Programmes

Help your recruits understand their role, your organisation's values and culture.

Create company-specific messaging to include in your Induction programmes.

Snappy Sessions To Any Device

Manage job-sharers, temporary, promoted, transferred or remote employees.

Enable recruits to create their own profile and train even before they arrive to work.

Read and listen to your training presentations.

Automated notifications of new and refresh training.

Photo of a man learning on public transport

Your company specific training optimised

Easily create training for your facility hazards, SOPs and job roles.

Decrease time to competence with job-specific induction programmes and just-in-time training.

Reduce training overhead with prioritised sessions delivered only when needed.

It also reduces maintenance, training overlap and duplication of effort.

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Recognise Competent People

When a trainee successfully proves themselves to be capable in a subject area by passing your tests, they receive a certificate of completion containing a unique QR code. Using this code, the certificate can be verified as valid and in date for that person.

This is particularly important for induction training that is required for visiting a potentially hazardous company premises.

You can use the supplied standard certificate or custom design your own, just for your colleagues.

Your brand in every presentation

All training sessions use your company brand, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs

If you have your own online training courses, you can use them as part of any training programme.

Proof of learning

Verify everyone is getting trained, and monitor training levels.

Be able to demonstrate that your programme is effective and efficient.

Extend you PDCA approach to include your training.

Run training reports to demonstrate complaince to Management and auditor.