Applicant Tracking System

Delays in getting your job postings onto your website?

Process your recruits from the job application stage through your website and automate their induction training so they arrive to work already trained.

Let candidates apply on your website

Vistors to your web site careers page can submit their CVs for the jobs you post.

  • Candidates can search open positions
  • then upload their CVs

Once you set an application deadline the job posting will no longer display after that date.

Select the best candidates

Consistently guide all applicants through your standard procedures.

  • Applicantions come directly into your control panel.
  • Quickly search applicants.
  • Track applicants as they go through the recruitment process.
  • Share where applicants are in the process.

When applicants are approved they automatically become recruits awaiting your training.

Automatically trigger induction training

Once you select a new recruit, enrolment in training will begin automatically.

They will be notified and can begin the induction training.

Read more about the trainee experience

Verify induction certificates

Use the QR code on the certificate to check if your new recruit is trained and ready to start work.

Once they are inducted into the job, you can drip feed them your in-house expertise with specialised training, and ensure they become part of your compliance culture.