Automated Induction Training

Just as no one person learns the same way each time, companies vary in the skills they need to impart to new recruits. This particularly important for onboarding programmes. Onboarding programmes orient recuits on a wide variety of topics company values and policies, who handles human resource requests, where to assemble during a fire drill, who looks after first aid, what is their role, how their performance will be assessed and who are the leaders of the company.

Your training channel can deliver orientations with a mix of standard industry practices, and your current definition of company practices. These practices is particular to your organisational structure, job roles, processes or business sites.

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Help your recruits understand their role, your organisation's values and culture. Work with Cetsco to quickly create messaging specific to your company that can be included into your onboarding programmes.

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Your brand in every presentation

All training sessions use your company logo, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. If you have your own online training courses you can use them as part of any training programme. Training can be delivered in different languages ​​and reports can be generated with confidence that the training is the same.

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Snappy Sessions To Any Device

Manage job-sharers, temporary, promoted, transferred or remote employees.

Enable recruits to create their own profile and train even before they arrive to work.

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Training on different devices

Assessment Results Recorded

Verify each individual is getting trained, and monitor group training levels.

Be able to demonstrate that your programme is effective and efficient.

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A dashboard reporting on training

Optimised Training

Decrease time to competence with job role based induction programmes and just in time training

Reduce training overhead with prioritised sessions delivered only when needed.

Reduced content maintenance and duplication of training effort removed.

Training topics


Once a trainee successfully proves themselves to be capable in a subject area, they receive a certificate of completion. Certificates are unique and can be verified using the QR code on the certificate. This is particularly important for induction training that is needed even before visiting company premises.

A certificate with your company logo