Learning Content Management System

Track the training that your people take and use the collected data to optimise your programme. You can do this whether you want to use the off-the-shelf library, your existing SCORM compliant course, tailor your own training or mix and match. The Supervisor tool helps you create online training, manage who gets the training, monitor how each trainee is getting on and report on your training programmes.

Mix and match

  • Upload in-house training content and SOPs
  • Upload existing eLearning
  • Add your own questions and tests
  • Use the library of training topics

Get your people listening and learning. Quickly write up your training and tailor your training channel to your needs.

Whether you are a newbie to online learning or are migrating off a existing systems, we will sit with you to ensure you are up and running in no time.

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Facility specific training

Just as no one person learns the same way each time, likewise companies vary in the skills they need to impart to new recruits. This is particularly important for compliance programmes. Onboarding programmes need to convey information such as who handles HR requests, who looks after Health and Safety and who are the leaders of the company.

Use your training channel to deliver training on all the standard learning objectives of your industry, and quickly write and upload the training that is particular to your organisational structure, job roles, processes or business premises.

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Post your training to your channel

Quickly create training using your own documents using a simple two-step process. Then easily check everyone knows what is most important.

  1. Write some questions on an SOP

  2. Drag and drop the questions together with your SOP into the app

The Supervisor app will automatically rip them apart and put them back together again in a format that will enable full tracking. (using the SCORM specification)

Made to meet your standards

If you are migrating from an existing system, you can bring your training and data with you. Simply drag and drop your existing SCORM eLearning package into the Supervisor app and tell it what jobs need it. Trainees can then start learning from the package. (Support for SCORM 1.2, 2004 or AICC)

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Tweak your training programme to remain on target

As your business processes change, the information you provide will also change.

Adjust your training in classic PDCA style with tools that allow you to be agile as change occurs.

Start growing your compliance culture

Build a demonstratable compliance record

  • Record learning activities and assessments
  • Award certificates for achievements

Ensure training is refreshed regularly with low touch management. Although this can be difficult with legacy learning systems, your training channels are designed to handle it for you. You decide when inductions need to be refreshed and online automation looks after it from there.

Automate for continuous flow

Compliance culture is not a once off training effort, it is a continuous flow of activity and improvement.

Constantly keep compliance in the minds of your colleagues by drip feeding training, one topic at a time.

With automation this process does not have to be an admin burden, training should not be disruptive.

Small frequent training events just feels like part of a normal working day, like keeping in touch on Social Media.