Training Library

The training library is a set of off-the-shelf training presentations and tests that cover the general topics that companies need for compliance and regulations. This means that you are not starting from ground zero. Instead you can focus on conveying messages that are specific to your company. You have your own internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and your facility has its own unique hazards that require specialised training that only you can define. Our online training authoring system (lcms) can help you get that training online.

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Cetsco has off-the-shelf training to cover a wide range of compliance training topics. Below is a list of some of the areas we cover. And if you Do not find what you need there, just tell us what you need, chances are we have something that will help.

What areas apply to your facilities?

The library covers a wide range of compliance topics.

To create a training channel, select the training topics that's appropriate for your job roles and combine them with the training from in-house experts on specific hazards and SOPs. Decide what job roles require which topics. Cetsco will then deliver inductions and drip feed training. This reduces your manual training effort and enables you to grow your compliance culture.

  • Compliance Culture
  • Cybersecurity
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Data Protection
  • Environmental Management
  • Financial
  • Health and Safety
  • Human Resource Management
  • Quality Management
  • Holistic Health and Wellbeing

Quality library of online learning

All topics in the library are:

  • Easily cusomisable by you.
  • Developed with a qualified instructional designer.
  • Written by an experienced professional.
  • Fully tracked using the SCORM specification.
  • Displayed with your brand.
  • Delivered through your training channel
Training on different devices

Topics that suit your facilities

Choose how to configure your topics:

  • Mobile phone or tablet friendly.
  • Short and snappy.
  • Delivered in a personal learning path.
  • Easy to consume language
  • In-depth, information dense, low interaction
  • Assessed by a quiz or test
  • Bandwidth friendly
  • Audio enabled

eLearning too expensive?

Large setup costs. Hiring and manging projects. Falls out of date. Have to start again from scratch.

Not any more: Drag and drop your documents, have them automatically transformed. Associate them with job roles and you are ready. When that part of the training falls out of date, throw away the old and upload the new. Everything old and new is tracked, so you can demonstrate compliance at any time.

Read more about mixing the library into your training channel


When building your training channel the library is a great place to find training that covers general topics,

before adding your in-house SOPs, questions and training.