Training just for you

Because your company wants to see you certified, it's free for you to get trained.

You can see the company logo so you know it's yours. All training courses in the library are created by qualified trainers and backed by experienced professionals.

Your manager selects what is important for your job, so everything you see is for you.

Get certified in something practical

Once you complete your course, you will receive a certificate so you can be confident you know what you are talking about.

Simple, short and snappy

Each training topic is short, only about 2 minutes long.

So you can learn when you have time, even listen on your commute.

Answer a few questions to check if you understood everything and you're done.


Works as you'd expect

You Do not need to be a techy to do training. If you can use Netflix, you've got this!

1. Pick up your mobile

2. Signing in to your account.

3. Click on a picture to start training.

That's it!

Learn at your pace, when you are awake and have time.

So should I Binge?

Just like any new job, you'll have a good bit to learn. You will probably want to complete your induction with a bit of a binge, and learn as much as you can in a short time. And once you get your first certificate, it is best to slow down and work on topics regularly. This "little and often" style keeps the information fresh in your mind. So much so that you will find yourself making it part of your life, maybe even teaching people at home.

See yourself moving forward

Take a look at the screen above.

The bright green bar on the training image tells you how far you have progressed in your training.

Each time you complete a topic it is removed from your view.

If you want to review training, just turn it back "On".

When a colleague is talking about something you want to find out more about, you can search for it and learn about it in minutes.

A man learning on public transport

Let us know what you think

We are always looking to make the training better. Please discuss with your manager what training you would like to see and Contact Us.

If you need help, can't find something, Do not understand something, found a typo, or just want to tell us how much you enjoyed the training. Let us know.